Rediscover Your Time

If you think it, you can schedule it.

Caljot supercharges your calendar scheduling through voice and text to create your events.

Start scheduling with natural language and feel the difference.

Compatible with Mobile and Desktop.

Powerful features to help you schedule better

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Event creation

Need an hour for that meeting, just say it to create it.
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Block out your time

Create focus time blocks as you need.
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Create reminders

Simply add your reminder details to create in your calendar.
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What can you do?

Caljot is your executive assistant for scheduling supported by AI.

Use your natural language inputs like ‘remind me’ and ‘going to’ to create events. If you can type it, you can save it to your calendar.

Lets help you speed up your scheduling, it shouldn’t be a chore.

  • Runs in your browser
  • Use speech or typed text to create your events
  • Simple to use
  • Runs on top of your existing calendar tools, you’ll always get to see what it creates before confirming in your calendar

Compatible with your existing calendar tools

Support for most popular tools and platforms.

Microsoft Outlook

Google Calendar

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Generic Calendar tools

Files are compatible with many calendar apps

Pricing plans to suit you.

Basic Plan
£ /mo

  • 1 User
  • 500 Single Events, Reminders creation
  • Text input
  • Works across multiple calendar tools
  • Cancel anytime

Pro Plan

£ /mo

  • 1 User
  • 500 Multi Events, Reminders creation
  • Voice or text input
  • Works across multiple calendar tools
  • Cancel anytime


£ /mo

  • Contact us to get started.

Why get items into your calendar

Key point in all scheduling is just to get items onto the calendar

Personal assistant

Put an event on the calendar, not a recurring event because that’s easy to ignore, but an actual event on your calendar and I guarantee you’re more likely to do it

Productivity Tools Executive

No more forgetting to put items in the calendar



Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel at anytime with your plan continuing till your next billing period.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept many of the common payment methods though our provider. Contact us if you have any queries.
I have other questions?
Sure, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Question not answered above? Contact us



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